Mays & Schnapp: A history of excellence.


In 1976, Dr. Mays became the first Medical Director of the University of Tennessee Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic, at that time one of only four such clinics in the country. Originally trained as an anesthesiologist, he has since dedicated himself to his passion, the treatment of severe and acute pain, before most doctors even recognized pain management as a separate entity. In 1979 Dr. Schnapp, a neurologist, joined the UT staff as its first fellow. Dr. Schnapp was the founding president of the Brazilian Society for the Study of Pain, the largest national pain society outside of the United States.

Together Dr. Mays and Dr. Schnapp have created what is now the oldest and most well regarded pain management facility in the Mid-South, based on the belief that the best treatment comes from a multidisciplinary approach. In 1989, they were first accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facility (CARF). Today they are the only CARF certified outpatient pain clinic in the state and entire region. Dr. Mays retired from Mays and Schnapp in 2019, though his philosophy lives on at the practice.

Dr. Mays and Dr Schnapp’s pioneering work in clinical and pharmacological research spans over three decade and has been widely published in national and international literature. Their interest extends to the design, development and production of rehabilitation instruments including the iPosture, an electronic posture correcting device, as well as the first computer assisted therapies for treatment of complex regional pain syndrome.