MH – Memphis, TN

“I so liked reading your article in the Medical Publications, you gave the most magnificent answers to questions; I sent the article to a friend.”

JC – India

“Thank you for your kindness and all that was rendered to me by you and your staff. I am grateful for being the recipient of your amazing care and concern.”

LJ – Maine

“Thank you for getting me into your busy office and taking so much time with me. My pain was such that it really was diminishing what I could do and controlling my life. I did not know what was wrong with me. The blocks really helped and I can now sleep on both sides and my back for the first time in 2 years, and I can stand longer as well as walking some distance. This is a big deal for me. I truly and sincerely thank you for helping me.”

RH Memphis, TN Nurse

“Being treated by Mays and Schnapp Pain Clinic has given me back the ability to do many things that I could not do without pain. Thank you so much.”


“Dr. Kit Mays at Mays & Schnapp Pain Clinic and Rehabilitation Center has been my pain specialist for approximately ten years and has always been able to relieve my pain with amazing accuracy.”


“For many years I have had chronic back pain to the point where I almost could not function in my job as a professor and director of a very large program at the university. That was when I started visiting Dr. Mays at the clinic. After a number of screening tests, Dr. Mays realized that he could block the pain by using epidural blocks. Most of the time I received anywhere from 90% to 100% relief from the pain in my back and I was able to resume my work without any problems.”

HL – Memphis, TN Professor at University of Memphis

“I cannot begin to express my appreciation for all the help Dr. Mays has given me over the years. He has always shown a sincere concern and interest in my total health. I thank God almost every day for Dr. Mays.”


“I was treated by a pain specialist in New York, but I received no relief. The pain was burning, aching , stabbing and my foot was numb. I heard of the Mays and Schnapp Pain Clinic, and realized Memphis might not be so far, if I could get my life back. The staff took a complete history and then the physician actually listened to my problems, gave me an exam, looked at all my records and went through all my medication history.”

BF – New York, Consultant

“He drew pictures illustrating the problems so I could understand. I walked about 100 feet to the surgery center where I received nerve blocks on my lumbar spine. My relief was instant, although I understand that is not always the case. I returned within 6 months and have had 3 years of restoration of function. I could not be more pleased with the care and the follow up by the Mays and Schnapp Pain Clinic.”

BH – Memphis, TN Retired Educator, Administrator

“I experienced back pain which impacted and limited my daily activities. After being treated at Mays and Schnapp Pain Clinic, I am able to enjoy walking, going to the beach and playing with my 7 grandchildren. I am so thankful for the excellent care and results I received.”

KV Memphis, TN Mother and Professional

“When I was sixteen I was in a car accident. The chiropractor I was referred to suggested I go on disability and see him twice a week for the rest of my life. I went to Dr. Mays instead and with a combination of exercise and trigger point injections, he gave me both pain relief and a fitness regimen that has truly changed my life. When, as an adult, I began to experience migraines, Dr. Mays sent me to his partner Dr. Schnapp. The migraines had become severe and were interfering with my career. Dr. Schnapp aggressively worked with me to find solutions through non-narcotic medications and nerve blocks that give long-lasting relief and have allowed me to continue the work I love.”

VS – Memphis, TN Administrator

“After years of chronic back pain and headaches and a series of misdiagnoses by multiple doctors, many of whom hinted that perhaps this was some kind of female hypochondria, I found Dr. Mays. He told me I had fibromyalgia, that it was treatable and if we worked together I would get my life back. Everything he said came to pass — at this point it has been a year since I’ve needed any medication or injections and my life is full of the activities I once had to avoid. I can’t express enough the gratitude I feel for being taken seriously by Dr. Mays.”

JF Retired Pharmacist

“Dr. Owen is a very caring and thorough physician.”


“Dr. William Schnapp was able to get me in quickly and the procedure to implant the spinal stimulator trial went off without a hitch. After a week of trialing the device, I chose to proceed with permanent implant. The stimulator is helping me regain my life.”